Use of gamma-butyrolactone / GBL

First, we want to point out that the handling GBL brings enormous risks. It is essential to work with adequate protective clothing (gloves, goggles). Each customer is offered to know about the correct materials handling. Feel free to ask us for a Material Safety Data Sheet.

Gamma-Butytrolactone is a chemical, which is widely used in the chemical industry. In Germany alone the demand is more the 1000 MT per year. But there are also many private persons, who are exploring the benefits of the solvent GBL.

The chemical is used as a solvent for:

- Polyarylnitril (fiber production as textile industry)

- Cellulose acetate (textile fiber, optical films for displays)

- Polystyrene (insulation and packaging industry)

- Shellac (production of synthetic resins for example, paints and varnishes)

- Resins

Furthermore, GBL is as an additive to:

- drilling oils

- pickling

- textile auxiliaries

Gamma Butryrolacton is also a reagent for:

- acylation

- Peace-Crafts reactions

- Wittig reactions

Moreover, it is the basic necessity for the production of:

- pyrrolidone

- N-methyl- and polyvinylpyrrolidone

- plasticizers

- synthetic resins

- Piperidine and methionine

- Intermediates, they are then needed for the preparation of precursors of vitamin B1

- Perming agent

- sun lotions

- pharmaceuticals

- Nematicide (ink)

- Extracting agent (Petroleum Industry)

- Stabilizer for chlorinated hydrocarbons

- phosphorus-based pesticides

- selective solvent in petroleum components (Acetylene)

- agricultural chemicals

Also as a starting material for synthesis, it is used as:

- DL-homoserine

- glutamine

- glutamic

- Vitamins

- dyes


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