Safety first!

We strongly warn you against misuse of our gamma-butyrolactone. The comsumption of GBL is illegal for human and animals. You are putting your life at big risk by taking this chemical. The abuse of GBL can cause sickness, consciousness, coma, breathing arrest and even death. Furthermore over consumption leads to addiction. Long-term addiction causes permanent damage to the human body. We strictly prohibit any misuse of our product.

All clients, who are illegally using the product GBL solvent will be listed in a “Black List”. Those consumers will not be served by our shop. In rare extreme cases, we will report their names to our shop owners to prevent them from getting new gamma-butyrolactone. These steps are for your own sake and are needed to fight illegal misuse of our product.

If you know someone, who is addicted to GBL or is abusing it in any other way, please report us his or her name and we will ban that client immediately.

According to the EU - Hazardous Information gamma-butyrolactone – CAS: 96-48-0 shall be classified as "Harmful (Xn)".

We sell our product butyrolactone for legal and industrial usage only, such as research and development, paint and rust remover or as and additive for a paint stripper. We only want to serve clients, who use this harmful chemical in an appropriate way. Should we obtain knowledge of improper or incorrect way of dealing with our chemical GBL / gamma-butyrolactone obtained, we will adjust any other contact with the customer.

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